My Writing Work

2018: The Year of the Women

This is an article I wrote for a public relations writing class in response to the record-high number of women elected to the United States Congress in 2018. In the article, I reflect on 2018 and what a monumental year it has been for women’s rights. Please download the pdf form below and let me know what you think!

2018_ The Year of the Women


7 Interview Skills Millenials Are Missing

Drawing on past experience and secondary research, I wrote this article on interview skills that I felt were important for millennials. Let me know if you have any tips to add, or if you found the article helpful!

7 Interview Skills Millennials Are Missing


Social Media Guide for Local Government

I created a social media guide for a local Utah municipality as part of my Civic Engagement Leadership capstone course. Effective social media can be hard to get up and running, especially for non-profit and government organizations. I hope these simple tips can help! Let me know what you think.

Government Social Media Guide


News Pitch

This is a hypothetical news pitch about SLC’s GreenBike expanding to Provo. I love writing news pitches and am looking forward to learning more about working with news media. Please download the pdf form below.

COMMS 320 News Pitch


The Increasing Power of Super PAC’s

I wrote this article about the increasing power of super PAC’s and what to look for in the 2018 Senate races. This business article explains super PAC’s and how American politics are shifting. Check it out with the pdf link below!

MCOM Business Article